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Journey on, safe and sound

Travel Insurance is designed to protect those travelling to other countries and can be tailored to protect any type of traveller travelling to any country on, no matter what kind of trip you are on.


Probably too often, travel insurance is bought at the last minute for the cheapest available rate, sometimes just before travellers board their plane. Whilst this is great for flexibility, it’s not so great for practicality as these types of policies don’t always cover the traveller’s full intentions and are seldom formed with transparency in mind.

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Protect your family and children with travel insurance from Insure Smart.

Policy benefits

Medical Expenses

Extreme Sports

Baggage Loss and Theft

At Insure Smart, we believe in putting in hard work to ensure you are covered every single step of the way. That way, no matter what you do on your holiday, your policy is right behind you should disaster strike.


We are flexible in the offer we can equip you with, meaning your policy is robust and adaptable. So whether your luggage is lost or stolen, a trip is cancelled, you fall ill whilst away or something else, we’ve got your back. Every travel insurance policy is unique and we endeavour to provide one that is matched to you, so you include what you need and leave out what you don’t.




  • Cover for the whole family
  • Baggage loss and theft
  • Single trip or annual cover
  • Sports and extreme holidays
  • Trip cancellation
  • Medical evacuation and repatriation


Whatever your business is, wherever you are and whatever the size, we are certain we can help.


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