Life Insurance

Peace of mind for you and your family

Life Insurance is designed to give you the confidence that if you were no longer around, your loved ones would receive a lump sum in order to relieve or avoid any financial stress. This could go towards meeting bills and mortgage repayments, paying towards expenses, or simply to support them through their day-to-day lives.


At Insure Smart, we can arrange a variety of Life Insurance and Life Assurance options, including Critical Illness Cover. We will look at your unique requirements and budget to find a policy that works for you, giving you and your loved ones some much needed reassurance for the future.

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Mother and daughter playing in the garden, protected with Life Insurance cover from Insure Smart

Policy benefits

Flexible terms

Guaranteed premiums

Critical Illness Cover (Optional)

Life Insurance is extremely flexible – you decide how long you want the cover to run for and the level of cover you require. To determine the level of cover you need, it helps to consider the debts your loved ones will be subject to should you pass away. If you have a partner, we can discuss whether Joint Life Insurance or two separate policies are most suitable for your needs. You will also have the option of whether to take out a fixed or decreasing policy and we’ll talk you through the additional cover features you could benefit from.


The amount you pay for your life insurance will be subject to a multitude of different lifestyle factors, include your age, whether you’re a smoker and your alcohol consumption.




  • Life Cover
  • Critical Illness Cover
  • Mortgage Protection Cover
  • Income Protection Cover
  • Joint Life Insurance
  • Level, Indexed and Decreasing Life Insurance Options


Our aim is to help you find the right policy for you, to ensure you can continue to provide for your family even when you’re no longer around.


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