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Protection in every event

Event Insurance is a flexible insurance solution designed for organisers of all types of events. It protects the organisers from many potential risks associated with coordinating events, from street parties, excursions, weddings, music events, charity events and more.


Organising events can be exceptionally stressful as you try to juggle everything without forgetting anything. Often though, something goes amiss and, without the proper protection, could lead to disaster. Experienced organisers understand that the assurance that comes with our event insurance is worth it, and it’s probably less than you think.

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Wedding or anniversary glasses on tables for special event insurance by Insure Smart

Policy benefits

Event Cancellation

Goods in Transit

Terrorism Cover

If you organise a music event, what would happen if the equipment fails, leaving your acts unable to play and your crowd unhappy? What if your negligence at a street party sees guests injure themselves? Whilst a stallholder may have sufficient insurance, it won’t protect you if it the incident is deemed to be your fault. There are always some things out of your control, too, such as the weather.


At Insure Smart, we are very active in our community and have in-depth experience in identifying risks associated with events. It means that we consider every possible angle to ensure you have the right policy with the right level of cover in place at the right time.




  • Public liability
  • Employers’ liability
  • Property owned, hired or borrowed
  • Goods in transit
  • Event cancellation
  • Terrorism cover


Whatever your business is, wherever you are and whatever the size, we are certain we can help.


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